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Content maintenance: when should you update your blog posts

All blog owners have the same goal: to see their articles appear on the first page of Google search results. Too often, they see quantity as the magic bullet to dominate search engines. The content is linked, while the updates are neglected when they are not downright forgotten, sucked into the whirlwind of new publications. However, among the

Smart Goals: 10 Examples of SMART Marketing Goals

Smart Goals: 10 Examples of SMART Marketing Goals

If the design of a marketing strategy has an end (developing your business for example), it should not be without clearly defined objectives. The mistake is indeed to launch yourself without going through the development of a  scrupulously orchestrated action plan . Also, it is necessary to consider your development as a trajectory, your objectives being the stages which

3 types of ABM: what are the differences

Account-based marketing , also known as ABM, is a powerful marketing strategy for converting leads into customers. By focusing on strategic key accounts , ABM allows B2B companies to implement personalized actions to convert their core target. Rather than canvassing all of your leads, account-based marketing allows you to focus on the potential customers most likely to engage quickly and generate

How to build a digital strategy

How to build a digital strategy?

In recent years, the transition to digital has become a real issue for companies. Referencing, content strategy, social networks… These are all elements that can have a significant impact on the image of your company and allow you to  generate a large number of leads . In the long term, building a  digital marketing strategy  offers you the guarantee of improving

Everything you need to know about creating a business LinkedIn account

Linkedin, a professional network created in 2002, has experienced strong growth with exponential growth in the number of registrations in recent years. Today it has more than 740 million members, including more than 20 million in France. This social network aims to connect professionals around the world to help them advance their professional careers. It allows, among other things,

SEO: All about semantic cocoons

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization includes all techniques to improve the positioning of a page in the results of search engines. Essential to the visibility of companies on the net, SEO is made up of four major pillars: page indexing, the content offered and the keywords they contain, off-site SEO based on netlinking, and On-site SEO relying on the internal

Free Royalty Free Image: Which Sites to Find Your Photos

A free royalty-free image: a good plan to use as part of a web marketing strategy… Today, the photo is an essential element in the communication of a commercial enterprise: to illustrate a product sheet, to facilitate the reading of ‘a blog article or the understanding of a tutorial, to catch the eye on social

Checklist of B2B business prospecting tools

Checklist of B2B business prospecting tools

Beyond the essential CRM, there are a large number of tools to increase the efficiency of your commercial prospecting. Whether it’s prospecting on LinkedIn, finding the right email addresses and sending targeted mailings, everything is possible today to quickly reach your target. Here is a list of the 7 tools for your B2B business prospecting.   1-

What is social selling?

What is social selling?

With the rise of the Internet and social networks, the notion of social selling has gradually imposed itself in sales jargon. In fact, the buyer now has 24/7 access to information about the products or services that interest him. We can even speak of a reversal of powers: the customer is already largely aware of the offers

Find out what digital marketing is

Find out what digital marketing is?

With the appearance of new technologies and the increase in consumers’ interest in them, new professions have emerged, particularly those relating to digital marketing. Digital marketing, also called digital marketing or e-marketing, refers to all the marketing actions implemented on digital media. Be careful, digital marketing is not web marketing! Although it relies primarily on the web, digital

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