Month: December 2021

Back stretching: how to stretch properly and relieve tension?

Suffering from the back is the evil of the century. By sitting too much, you end up sagging and losing muscle tone. The solution: stretching the back. Here’s how to relieve your tension with a 20-minute stretching session. “If we do not fight properly against the problems of gravity, we settle down and it is geriatrics before its

How Many Olympic Medals Has Mary Kom Won?

How Many Olympic Medals Has Mary Kom Won?

Mary Kom is an Indian boxer and politician. She is currently a member of Parliament. The Indian Olympic Committee named her to its “Team of the Century” in 2012. Her achievements have been recognized with several medals, including four golds. Her first gold was in the 1996 games, and she has since gone on to

Boxing for children

Boxing for children: Physical, Mental, & Social benefits

Today we are going to tackle a sometimes sensitive and somewhat controversial subject. Since many adults are boxing fans or already practice it themselves, the question naturally arises: should I get my child to box? Or should I let him take an interest in boxing on his own? Is it good to encourage my kids to step

Canon Mega Tank G3160

Canon Mega Tank G3160: The Tool For Who Prints A Lot

The Canon Mega Tank G3160 is one of those multifunction printers that can be used with peace of mind at home or in the office, thanks to its compact size and its ink tank printing system. Even so it is a little more expensive than more conventional models, which work with common cartridges, but is the quality and