Month: November 2021

Webmecanik VS Plezi: which marketing automation solution to adopt

Webmecanik VS Plezi: which marketing automation solution to adopt

Marketing automation constitutes a real strategic advantage and a considerable time saving… provided you have the right tool. Here we offer you a comparison between two recognized marketing automation applications: Webmecanik and Plezi. The first focuses its technology on an open source model and is mainly intended for mid-sized companies and SMEs. The second is a B2B platform

Software publisher: 4 marketing automation scenarios

The software publisher must design and implement the relevant marketing automation scenarios, to support the prospect in his purchasing journey until converting him into a customer. Nature of the product marketed, maturity of the lead, sales objectives, customer needs… so many elements to take into account for an efficient workflow! Zoom on 4 marketing automation scenarios to

Adwords, how does it work

Adwords, how does it work?

Paid referencing represents a significant lever for generating traffic on your website and acquiring new leads. Although Google AdWords is currently the largest paid search network online, ahead of Linkedin Ads or Facebook Ads, millions of businesses and professionals have never used it, potentially leaving the advantage to their competitors. Complementary to  natural referencing  and to all actions

Why are software companies adopting inbound marketing

Since the appearance of inbound marketing, we have witnessed a meteoric increase in the number of companies turning to this type of marketing strategy. The first to understand that such a strategy could be a powerful lever for growth are the software publishers.. It is therefore natural that they were the first to turn to inbound marketing,

Tools for prospecting on LinkedIn

Initially, LinkedIn was a professional network related to job search and classic networking / networking. Today, this platform with 740 million users, including more than 20 million in US, is turning de facto into a B2B social selling tool on its own, thanks precisely to this huge database of potential professional prospects. But to use

The steps to follow for a successful local SEO

The steps to follow for a successful local SEO

Developing its online presence and optimizing its natural referencing is now a major challenge for companies wishing to develop their business and stand out in a competitive world. For this, many web marketing solutions exist, including local SEO. What is it and why is it important? How to improve your local SEO? Discover all the key stages.   Local

9 tips for optimizing your site’s landing pages

A Landing page – also called a capture page or landing page – is a page that collects valuable information about your targets. Its objective: to seduce the visitor to your site in order to convert them into a qualified lead. In order to promote the chances of conversion, a landing page must meet a certain number

Brand content: what is it? And how do you create an effective strategy

Videos, blog articles, posts on social networks… Brand content can take many forms, but always serves the brand image. What is brand content and how do you put in place a strategy that works? In this article, find out everything there is to know about this content strategy that serves different purposes!   Brand content: definition  

Our tips for optimizing your Call To Action

Our tips for optimizing your Call To Action

A call-to-action or action button, popularized by the acronym CTA, is, as its name suggests, a button allowing your leads to act by pushing them to get in touch with you. This tool is used in a digital strategy context, and more precisely in the context of an  inbound marketing strategy . CTAs are then used to  convert leads into

Content maintenance: when should you update your blog posts

All blog owners have the same goal: to see their articles appear on the first page of Google search results. Too often, they see quantity as the magic bullet to dominate search engines. The content is linked, while the updates are neglected when they are not downright forgotten, sucked into the whirlwind of new publications. However, among the

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